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Scott & Bliss    There weren't very many places to play in Houston at this time, but one space, down in the warehouse district off of downtown Houston on McKinney Street, seemed the place that could weather the storms better than most. First called Cabaret Voltaire, it housed early punk rock shows in the 80's after the venerable Island went under, and bands like the Party Owls, Culturcide, Bark Hard, Sik Mentality, Keel Haul, Dresden 45, and many others graced its stage. Scott played there with Naked Amerika and Anarchitex. It got shut down, inevitably, but re-opened by Party Owls bassist J.R. Delgado, who was determined to have a punk venue for the Houston scene. No liquor license, no a.c., no heat, and a ragged PA from all the abuse, but it was THE place to play.

The Pain Teens played there many times, and we became the default industrial band whenever a similar group was headlining. We opened for Swans, Psychic TV, Foetus, White Zombie, Sink Manhattan, Cop Shoot Cop, Honeymoon Killers, and also played with Crust, Ed Hall, Cherubs, bands who would later become label mates when we signed up with King Coffey (drummer with The Butthole Surfers) and his Trance Syndicate label in 1990.

The Axiom forged on, creating a lounge space in the front room for poetry slams and a patio for noise bands, and even got some old theatre seats. They hosted Henry Rollins band, Jesus Lizard, Nirvana, and scores of others, and were our home for at least 7 years, in fact, our record release party for our second album, "Case Histories" and our "Houston Loud" punk & industrial compilation took place there in summer 1989, and we also played our final show ever there on Halloween 1993 (it had changed hands and was called Catal Huyuk by then).

I'm probably making this sound rosier than it actually was, because for years in Houston there had been a dearth of clubs where local bands could play. So the Axiom was a very important reason for our success as a band. We worked with lots of great local musicians and in the early 90's the Houston scene was at an all-time high, with bands like Sugar Shack, Dead Horse, deSchmog, The Mike Gunn, Dry Nod, Rusted Shut, Blind Ignorents, Spunk, Plug Uglies, Cinco Dudes, Toho Ehio, Turmoil in the Toybox, and many more releasing cassettes, albums and cds to a growing fan base. We were one band who actually got out of Houston and did some touring, even making it to Holland, Germany and England on the coattails of Cop Shoot Cop from New York City. We also toured the US on our own, and on two package tours in 1993, one with The Boredoms from Japan and Brutal Truth from NYC, and one with Fudge Tunnel from England and Season to Risk from Kansas City.